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Amongst the crowds here at C&C male genitalior and masculinity…that’s the theme here this evening at this little gallery
Art work
Smart work
Things I don’t understand…
Twitting and uploading to make a 3D face change shape! It’s interesting to say the least and my eyes feast upon the detail and colour of these fascinating things! What talent there is within the room and it’s a privilege to be apart of the art world this evening so close to home!

Art work by: Paul Westcombe, Patrick Simkins and Michael Colgate #newtext

Check out C&C gallery for up coming exhibitions and events! Enjoy great food, drinks and a festive atmosphere at The Canvas and Cream.

Have a look down Havelock Walk

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Havelock Walk Studio winter festival certainly had a lot of things you wanted to have! Have, hold, touch, look at but certainly not lock up…I felt very privileged to peruse priceless pieces of passion, as local artists opened their studios to passers by in pursuit of a hand made Christmas gift.

I’ve often wondered what was behind the closed studios doors of this wonderful little street in Forest Hill. Turns out its a whole treasure of artists…. making, creating, braking, being bold, burning, shaping, showing the world a walk through their creative minds of beautifully crafted pieces of work.

There’s a whole community network down here all supporting one another and proving that art, craftsmanship and community is far from being consumed by our on line computer crazy; eyes down; click click ‘I’ll have another ikea carbon copy cupboard please’. It’s alive and you can see it, touch it, smell it and even talk to the makers behind it.

From paintings; pots and plates to wooden elm bowls; baubles; boobs drawn on dishes; book marks; cards and so much more. Canvas and Cream opened its back doors to serve up banter, brioche, salt beef and booze. Whilst The Signal gave away drinks vouchers to customers who bought from the local artists.

There was live music, mulled wine, mince pies, parlour games and smiles a plenty. There was something for everyone, with prints and pieces that even a penniless poet could purchase, becoming all the richer for being welcomed into this wonderful creative community.

My friend and I left with gifts, grins and a gate that is always open down on Havelock Walk. The artists are there working and selling all year round; The C&C Gallery plays host to artists from around the world, holding exhibitions and events through the seasons. The Signal invites musicians and singers to play to the punters…and I find myself even more fond of this friendly Forest Hill! A lovely festive feeling to finish off the weekend!

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And I become part of the Alien crowd
I don’t shout out loud
I shut off
White wires
From phone to soul
I’m not whole
My ears don’t work without
To shut
My mind
I find
But my music
Tip tap tap
The letters
It’s not a word
But who cares
We sit and calculate
We play
What did you say?
Head down
A frown
We wait
The train
To tame
Another finger
On the trigger
Up up up
The music louder
To drown out the laughter
The joy
This toy?
Is it
Eye to eye
To phone
To groan
At face
At your neighbour
Do us a favour
Feel the flavour
Of this moment
White wires
White light
A fright
In the face
The alien crowd
I’ve found
My world


Londoners…Sunday to Monday

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From a vibrant, colorful sunny Sunday afternoon of social swing dancing with London’s swing patrol in Pop up Brixton…to a grey suited sky of squashed sardines on the clammy commuter underground grind.
Londoners; Sunday to Monday a transition worth writing about. Wait…a see a smile amongst the crowd of frowns. Memories of yesterday at another pop up place. There’s no denying there cool, quite classy in fact, holding temporary homes to fresh food, local brews and a hole in your pocket as each pint costs around a fiver…and the tide flows as we pull up at green park; there’ll be no proceso in the park today though, it’s Monday and the sardines need to swim to work and smile at their Facebook friends who have posted selfies at the stylish pop up places…and it’s ok. To be different and stand here with script in hand and know that my journey is not live for the wild weekend but to be and breath and not bash my bag at the back of someone’s back but try to smile and remember that these fish find comfort in their daily commute, and London runs as it has, at a pace. a punch above the rest, rest assured you racy ones the next tube will arrive and time will tick tock towards that
Friday feeling!

Little thing for Summer in South Side..Full Stop

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Where to start? How do you describe the madness over waitin at this bus stop? From angry business workers pushing their way to the front of the cue; back flipping oldies ready to put up a fight to get a seat…intertwined lovers, ravers partying wild, yummy mummies at war, freaks galore…and there’s more! You’ll see this bus stop being used in ways you never seen before! It’s 24 hours performed in a fun, fast, full on 24 minutes!
We are Full Stop, the company scribbled thought and Light the Fuse have been working on the bus stop for 2 years, it’s gone from three performers to four in which we developed the ideas of waitin at bus stop and added acrobatics, gymnastics dance and whole lot more…sweat mainly! It’s been an incredible journey so far, we’ve laughed, cried with laughter and laughed so hard that we grew six packs!
Every show is an absolute please to performe, our audiences just don’t know what to expect next!

Full Stop…How many ways to get off a bus stop! Rehearsals

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What is this? A bus stop in a studio under the archway of a rail way? What can I do on it? I’d hardly even breathed and I was all over it like a rash…caravan palace and a bunch of like minded acrobat/actors/dench individuals…I knew their arm pit hair before I knew their names! This was going to be 24 hours at a bus stop like id never known before!

The anticipation of a new rehearsal process is always an adventure in a performers life…well it is for me anyhow; and this one, with scribbled thought and light the fuse was really one to be treasured. I love a challange; I embrace sweat; and face diverse sets with a smile and twingy muscles that are eager to get involved. And what better way to feed my adrenaline than Neil Beatles and Gemma Farlie in a heated up room exploring how to push a granny off a bus stop and clean up a raver after a heavy night out on the town…and this was just just the first hour! Let’s try hanging upside down, swinging around broom handles; Angry commuters; dolphin clamps; singing in the rain; a pervert; fighting yummy mummies; granny Annie; box splits from the top of the bus stop; old men and back flips; ass shaking…I could go on but I don’t want to spoil all the surprises….I’m trying to count the number of costume changes that happen but I’m struggling to count my own let alone everyone else’s…for a 24 minute show there are more changes than the four of us would do in a week… put together!

It’s been an exhilarating experience so far, so much fun and so much exploration of ideas and movements! Being able to express yourself and work closely with such strong talented people is just a dream job. This is one brilliant company to work for!

The combination of Neil and Gemma meant we got a rich mix of slick moves with integrity and intention and a frantic mash of acrobatic, ensemble, awesomeness. Nothing like a morning workout of twerking to hip tunes, yoga stretching the hairs off the floor and hanging upside down on muscle! Can’t say I’ve ever laughed and sweated so much in such a short space of time.

The question is…does the bus arrive? Or is it a classic case of waiting for ages and then they all turn up at once? Well you’ll have to get down to one of the festivals and check us out…Full Stop!

Full Stop Rehearsals 2015

Full Stop…Silly Show Report Hull

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So here it is guys…the final show report….for now!
Freedom Festival Hull…the finale for our Full Stop bus stop! Of course it started off as it should, with laughs and token weirdos! Before we got off the train to our beautiful pre fab hotel complete with panoramic view of Pound world and Mecca Bingo, we had already met with a pervy drunk,  our Shirley (born in the land of Worksop) and her boyfriend, who’s pert bottom and dating tinder history we’d discovered before we’d even even seen him in the flesh! Luckily Steph and I were fully protected by an absent Max and an equally pervy Rob…at that moment we needed Gemma (or at least Neil’s height) to batter away the freaks. Anna would have been equally as good but she was battling with a smiler on her train! Jake of course was on route with the bin and Luke was busy flexing his muscles in the land of wonder!

Luckily….we made it to Hull alive, and Gemma was reassured that her detox was the way forward when we had to make a diversion around a rather large lady in a rather small crop top…no filter Fairlie was already less than impressed…but at least it was good preparation for our hotel that can only be described with the following words; old people/piss/tcp/death/smoke from the 70s/dead bodies/please don’t let me get stuck in the broken lift as I might die! Breakfast would have been better served with a bottle of white lightening to help rehydrate from the dryness and wash down the bacon (capacity-zero); and the sheer charm of the red plastic chairs added the cherry on the cake to this cheery place know as the Gilson.

We managed to make our home there though; pool playing and a scouser telling stories of his ten grand scams and dodgy techniques to get free games. Our territory was marked with farting; fighting; dart playing; dirty dancing; and of course Drinking! We kept it classy with red wine and lemonade; prosecco drank from mugs (at least it was cold this time) and bargain beers! The beds were comfy once the pee proof plastic sheets were removed…clearly they expect a lot of accidents after a night on the £1 sambukas.
And the shows? Well, we were reminded why we there when the Scouse said, “you get to have a laugh whilst you work? And you all love your job! That’s brilliant!” Yes it is! Brilliantly bonkers! So on with the show report…
Turns out Hull festival was about as organised as…well I’ll let Steph Conell fill in the blank for that one. It said it all when our producer had to show the liaison lady where the rehearsal rooms were and our festival passes seemed to pass up by! Anyway we warmed up to some flirty disco in the cabaret room; picked up a few pubs; caused a cake accident; reconnected with the choreography, then headed out to our rather wobbly bus stop! There were a few near wobblies about how to fix it but we busted out some moves as trolly wheels got fixed and the bus stop got beaten around.
Anna (straight nose) aced it back for true double whammy fanny clamping! She kept the spirt of Gemma in the piece by keeping it steamy during lovers and using the line, “not on my watch!” (Much to my amusement!) As well as rain, we had wonky hassmats; wasps in the sloppy apple sauce; classic drunkan man dancing; rugby tackling kids; kids trying desperately to see the show and climbing past the van; Derek falling off the wagon; Merf stranded in the middle of the space but rescued in ninjas; 80 year old Jack our on site helper; Max’s tiger pants to compliment Luke’s zebra pants; amazing toilet roll throws and amazing crowds!
Off bus stop antics included; pirate bars; wiggly worm throwing; cheese and wine, chilly, chavs, cheap drinks, chasing the night life that is Hull! There was something for everyone…Bottoms up; divas; dancing in mission, meat platters; Ask but don’t ask about the food; Ray ray; sunny Sunday; shows; shots, shits and silliness!
The only injuries incurred were slight bruising from spanking and bum poking (nothing dirty) mild hangovers, dryness and deep depression from finishing our spectacular show.
However…as our eyes filled with tears at the last twerk of our golden grannies, we were showered with presents and applause and our hearts were filled with magic memories of the journey we’ve made; creating, crying, kissing, camping, chinky chinkying, shimmying, sweating, turtling, helloing, laughing, larking about, flexing, flirting, fanny clamping, farting, pube picking and partying! And after all that the dam bus never did arrive… so…there’s only one thing for it…get back on the bus stop for the 2016 tour!
Finale silly show report for Full Stop #weareallfrikkinawesomeandthishastohappenagain!

Full Stop…Silly Show Report Birmingham

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So…Birmingham…An interesting start to the festival; Anna had to have a nose job and have it poked around at like playdough, which meant that even though she’s super dench and hard core she couldn’t do the shows.

Thankfully miss Gemma Fairlie saved the day and stepped in last minute..what a hero (although I would have payed good money to see Neil take on the role….the lovers scene would have taken on a whole new dimension and the red top would have fit like a glove!)

So we traveled up to Brum and discovered the magic that is Rob’s Brummy Turtle (his new 5 week course in Turtle Technique will be open to applicants soon. I know Gemma will be first to enrol!) The car journey also served as our first rehearsal space; we used traffic jams to our advantage and practiced the ravers moves, complete with sound effects. Although we did refrain from using “chinky chinky chinky”…not sure that would have gone down well in the Chinese Gay quarter where the festival was taking place.

Steph managed to get us an awesome rehearsal space at the hippodrome where we continued our intense/condensed rehearsal. We reworked what we needed to; A particular favourite being in workers where we had Gemma passed out for most of the sequence!

The shows brought us many delights, including a near rugby tackled Grannie Annie by Theresa (one of the lovely festival helpers) who thought that Grannie Annie was a member of the public trying to cross the performance space! Lucky Steph was close by to restrain this Brummy bouncer! Derek the duck was thrown a little early and was instead upstaged by Deano the Dog-who’s ears flapped nicely in slow motion across the battlefield; weird that he sounded so like Derek! Apple sauce in the hair; ripped hazmat right on seam of the ass; rainy last show resulting in cautious Ninjas; Off stage we had an underage helper who carried props, tweeted and text about the show, promoting us as “the amazing twerking grannies!”

Also off stage, amongst playing pool, eating sushi, feasting on all you can eat breakfast (which included prosecco…of course we didn’t drink any of this…unfortunately! #professional #withtheproduceranddirctor) We managed to meet with a Giraffe named Dolly; a guy called Dave, who told others he was Maria’s brother and worked as part of the company playing the drunk on the bus stop; and a chlostraphobic, crazy guy in the lift who thought we had bombs in our suitcases!

Amongst the last minuite changes, Gemma stepping in, Max’s inisiation, long drive, little sleep on the first night due to noise, nerves and notion of sleeping in crisp packets, we incurred only the following injuries;
For Steph,a bump to the head as she tried to get the laptop from Gemma’s car and mild deafness caused by Maria snoring (thankfully this is an injury Anna has finally recovered from); a hurt elbow for Gemma as she slapped the wet wipe across Maria’s face in yummy mummies; a sore wrist for Rob incurred from repetitive physical movement (take that information how you will); For Maria, a bleeding cut on the elbow caused by super ninja menu throwing by Rob; scratches to the chest but who knows where from! For Max, temporary blindness as he walked in the changing rooms to the full moon extravaganza of Rob’s arse! (There’s an image one wont forget in a hurry!); and finally a sore stomach for Jake who at breakfast “over estimated his bacon capacity”.

However despite the minor injuries  we still managed to get in…some sweat farts; classic Chadwick “hello’s”; a visit from our very own Anna Simpson complete with beautifully straight nose; arse slaps; nipple tweaks; a single fanny clamp; great responses and some of the biggest crowds at the festival! We laughed, we bled, we rocked this festival…enough said!
Birmingham Summer in Southside festival August 2015

Full Stop…Silly Show Report Latitude

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So…Latitudes show report:
Arrived day one and the bus stop was there!! No hold ups for Jake Evans this time! Although it was hit and miss on the actor front as traffic into the festival was about as fast as a snail race high on weed. We did have time to set up our digs in the field of luxury though; 5 tents including Gummy Bears and a tissue on a stick which was about as useful as, well.. a tissue on a stick. First show was done on a 5 minute warm up, no food, little water and pretty much zero prep; but because we are pro and on it like a car bonnet, or rather on it like a fanny clamping granny; we pulled off a pretty slick show which then brought back crowds in their hundreds. The second show took its toll a little which resulted in a smack in the face to Maria by Luke during workers; wasn’t sure if I was bleeding from my nose or mouth but then realised it was a nice scratch to the cheek…no major harm done. Part of the drop at the end was a little delayed which nearly ended with granny Annie getting hit on the head but she was swift enough to avoid the collision. Second day; more water than sense was drunk and the boys complained that they were wasting away from the suns evaporation…nothing at all to do with any alcohol consumed. No cap on the baby bottle resulted in water in the eye, broken trolley wheel added character to Anna’s Granny, a run away trolley during Singing in the Rain hit Arthur in the back of the leg, adding more surprise to the lift! Itwas beautifully pushed back as if it was all part of the amazing choreography; Toilet rolls were thrown and well received; lovers and dancing grannies were applauded, has mats stuck to our sweaty skins as audiences crowded around the back of the bus stop to give extra praise and applause…a bit of sick by the bus stop which Jake had the pleasure of cleaning up..rank! There was lots of ass slapping, hugging, pube showing (only by the boys of course) Sometimes the timing was out, sometimes bit of costume were loose or missing; one time the smoke machine got stuck; however, there was more fun, more sweat, more smiles, more applauses, more crowds, more dancing, more clamping than had ever been done before. Off stage antics included singing, dancing, frantic boys, big balloons, lifts, throwing, grinding, more six packs than your local Sainsurys, trannies, grannies, cabaret vaginas, meeting Jon Richardson, shitting, pissing, loosing voices, grey shows, free ciders, wine, cocktails…and this was all in the tent! To top off, a great review, awesome photos, unforgettable memories and hope of more work next year! This was Latitude 2015. Show Report over and out.

Full Stop…Silly Show Report City of London Festival

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Little round up of the city of London performances: Jake arrived fashionably late due to good old London traffic..it did not stop us from starting pretty much on time though! You’ll be glad to hear no one passed out from sun stroke, although my red face after the second show looked like a baked beetroot..that was with factor 30 on!
With the lathering of the sun cream we got lots of attention from passes by who wanted lick the muscles of the boys!
Anna and myself stretched it out on the baking bus shelter, melting our tummies on the hot rubber and creating more attention from bored business men who of course stayed to watch the show! During the shows we had a few hiccups, I managed to land a toilet roll right at the camera…mummy’s half dressed ended up getting too head of the music but Derrick the duck was still killed on cue…rhubarb jam (replacement for the apple sauce that we couldn’t get) slopped around but made for a good splat! Fanny clamps were sweaty, balls were moist, businessmen/women fried in the sun but had a great time! It was a great laugh, incredible second show!
Bring on Latitude
City of London 2015