Full Stop…Silly Show Report Reading

So today was fun, I think we had some great shows! Funny moments…Rob coming out in his granny outfit with the police vest half showing, no smoke machine, the drops not falling down and granny Annie having to do a shimmy underneath them to get out…Luke’s zebra pants, arriving at the space at 9.20 this morning but not being able to get in until gone 10; very amusing as Rob really needed a shit and was struggled to hold it in, in the end we went for coffee and all was ok. Luke taking someone out with a toilet roll; a drunk woman; Anna’s birthday surprise was lovely, Gemma bought us chocolate lollipops (cough; favouritism) erm Jake in general just always amusing…after the shows we had some drinks in a lovely little pub and ate cake…later…carrying a bin through reading, unloading the van, Rob taking a leek in the carpark and yeah…there was so much more, in general we got great reactions and great tweets, someone even drew a picture of us…overall a great day!
Show report 1 of randomness Full Stop Reading 2015