Londoners…Sunday to Monday

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From a vibrant, colorful sunny Sunday afternoon of social swing dancing with London’s swing patrol in Pop up Brixton…to a grey suited sky of squashed sardines on the clammy commuter underground grind.
Londoners; Sunday to Monday a transition worth writing about. Wait…a see a smile amongst the crowd of frowns. Memories of yesterday at another pop up place. There’s no denying there cool, quite classy in fact, holding temporary homes to fresh food, local brews and a hole in your pocket as each pint costs around a fiver…and the tide flows as we pull up at green park; there’ll be no proceso in the park today though, it’s Monday and the sardines need to swim to work and smile at their Facebook friends who have posted selfies at the stylish pop up places…and it’s ok. To be different and stand here with script in hand and know that my journey is not live for the wild weekend but to be and breath and not bash my bag at the back of someone’s back but try to smile and remember that these fish find comfort in their daily commute, and London runs as it has, at a pace. a punch above the rest, rest assured you racy ones the next tube will arrive and time will tick tock towards that
Friday feeling!