Little thing for Summer in South Side..Full Stop

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Where to start? How do you describe the madness over waitin at this bus stop? From angry business workers pushing their way to the front of the cue; back flipping oldies ready to put up a fight to get a seat…intertwined lovers, ravers partying wild, yummy mummies at war, freaks galore…and there’s more! You’ll see this bus stop being used in ways you never seen before! It’s 24 hours performed in a fun, fast, full on 24 minutes!
We are Full Stop, the company scribbled thought and Light the Fuse have been working on the bus stop for 2 years, it’s gone from three performers to four in which we developed the ideas of waitin at bus stop and added acrobatics, gymnastics dance and whole lot more…sweat mainly! It’s been an incredible journey so far, we’ve laughed, cried with laughter and laughed so hard that we grew six packs!
Every show is an absolute please to performe, our audiences just don’t know what to expect next!