Full Stop…Silly Show Report Latitude

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So…Latitudes show report:
Arrived day one and the bus stop was there!! No hold ups for Jake Evans this time! Although it was hit and miss on the actor front as traffic into the festival was about as fast as a snail race high on weed. We did have time to set up our digs in the field of luxury though; 5 tents including Gummy Bears and a tissue on a stick which was about as useful as, well.. a tissue on a stick. First show was done on a 5 minute warm up, no food, little water and pretty much zero prep; but because we are pro and on it like a car bonnet, or rather on it like a fanny clamping granny; we pulled off a pretty slick show which then brought back crowds in their hundreds. The second show took its toll a little which resulted in a smack in the face to Maria by Luke during workers; wasn’t sure if I was bleeding from my nose or mouth but then realised it was a nice scratch to the cheek…no major harm done. Part of the drop at the end was a little delayed which nearly ended with granny Annie getting hit on the head but she was swift enough to avoid the collision. Second day; more water than sense was drunk and the boys complained that they were wasting away from the suns evaporation…nothing at all to do with any alcohol consumed. No cap on the baby bottle resulted in water in the eye, broken trolley wheel added character to Anna’s Granny, a run away trolley during Singing in the Rain hit Arthur in the back of the leg, adding more surprise to the lift! Itwas beautifully pushed back as if it was all part of the amazing choreography; Toilet rolls were thrown and well received; lovers and dancing grannies were applauded, has mats stuck to our sweaty skins as audiences crowded around the back of the bus stop to give extra praise and applause…a bit of sick by the bus stop which Jake had the pleasure of cleaning up..rank! There was lots of ass slapping, hugging, pube showing (only by the boys of course) Sometimes the timing was out, sometimes bit of costume were loose or missing; one time the smoke machine got stuck; however, there was more fun, more sweat, more smiles, more applauses, more crowds, more dancing, more clamping than had ever been done before. Off stage antics included singing, dancing, frantic boys, big balloons, lifts, throwing, grinding, more six packs than your local Sainsurys, trannies, grannies, cabaret vaginas, meeting Jon Richardson, shitting, pissing, loosing voices, grey shows, free ciders, wine, cocktails…and this was all in the tent! To top off, a great review, awesome photos, unforgettable memories and hope of more work next year! This was Latitude 2015. Show Report over and out.