Full Stop…Silly Show Report City of London Festival

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Little round up of the city of London performances: Jake arrived fashionably late due to good old London traffic..it did not stop us from starting pretty much on time though! You’ll be glad to hear no one passed out from sun stroke, although my red face after the second show looked like a baked beetroot..that was with factor 30 on!
With the lathering of the sun cream we got lots of attention from passes by who wanted lick the muscles of the boys!
Anna and myself stretched it out on the baking bus shelter, melting our tummies on the hot rubber and creating more attention from bored business men who of course stayed to watch the show! During the shows we had a few hiccups, I managed to land a toilet roll right at the camera…mummy’s half dressed ended up getting too head of the music but Derrick the duck was still killed on cue…rhubarb jam (replacement for the apple sauce that we couldn’t get) slopped around but made for a good splat! Fanny clamps were sweaty, balls were moist, businessmen/women fried in the sun but had a great time! It was a great laugh, incredible second show!
Bring on Latitude
City of London 2015