Full Stop…Silly Show Report Bradford Festival

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So…today’s final show show report: it was ace (the best one of the day; quoted by a member of the public-“the best show I’ve ever seen at Bradford festival”) However,  the sound was about as loud as a mouses fart wrapped in cotten wool, so Anna missed the cue for start of workers and we were a bit out of time, however, we managed to bring it back! Also there was a brass brand playing which wasn’t helping the situation of sound. (Steph saved the sound issue by being hard core and pointing her finger) We had a proper Bradford youth asking Anna and myself for one of the toilet rolls-mid getting changed! Another audience member got very enthustic and started dancing along, it turned a little sour when he perved over two girls that then ran away! Singing in the rain was the best ever, probably due to the extra filming we did down by the fountains (attracting a great crowd who then came to see the show!) The duck (now named Derek) came to life in one of the photos during the show. Anna and myself thought the bus stop was going to topple over during Ninjas as one of the wedges had come loose, but all was ok 🙂 it was a fab show and a great crowd! You missed a corker of a fanny clamp! Ha ha. Bradford 2015