Full Stop…How many ways to get off a bus stop! Rehearsals

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What is this? A bus stop in a studio under the archway of a rail way? What can I do on it? I’d hardly even breathed and I was all over it like a rash…caravan palace and a bunch of like minded acrobat/actors/dench individuals…I knew their arm pit hair before I knew their names! This was going to be 24 hours at a bus stop like id never known before!

The anticipation of a new rehearsal process is always an adventure in a performers life…well it is for me anyhow; and this one, with scribbled thought and light the fuse was really one to be treasured. I love a challange; I embrace sweat; and face diverse sets with a smile and twingy muscles that are eager to get involved. And what better way to feed my adrenaline than Neil Beatles and Gemma Farlie in a heated up room exploring how to push a granny off a bus stop and clean up a raver after a heavy night out on the town…and this was just just the first hour! Let’s try hanging upside down, swinging around broom handles; Angry commuters; dolphin clamps; singing in the rain; a pervert; fighting yummy mummies; granny Annie; box splits from the top of the bus stop; old men and back flips; ass shaking…I could go on but I don’t want to spoil all the surprises….I’m trying to count the number of costume changes that happen but I’m struggling to count my own let alone everyone else’s…for a 24 minute show there are more changes than the four of us would do in a week… put together!

It’s been an exhilarating experience so far, so much fun and so much exploration of ideas and movements! Being able to express yourself and work closely with such strong talented people is just a dream job. This is one brilliant company to work for!

The combination of Neil and Gemma meant we got a rich mix of slick moves with integrity and intention and a frantic mash of acrobatic, ensemble, awesomeness. Nothing like a morning workout of twerking to hip tunes, yoga stretching the hairs off the floor and hanging upside down on muscle! Can’t say I’ve ever laughed and sweated so much in such a short space of time.

The question is…does the bus arrive? Or is it a classic case of waiting for ages and then they all turn up at once? Well you’ll have to get down to one of the festivals and check us out…Full Stop!

Full Stop Rehearsals 2015